LOXSYNC Technologies (Artificial Intelligence) Cyber Security System is the future for creating a safe and reliable online environment for e-commerce and telecommunication systems, giving both client and customers total autonomy from cybercriminal activity.

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LOXSYNC Technologies and Princeton Consultants, has developed a groundbreaking way of handling and storing data with a new artificial intelligence, a full AI to AI non-binary optic based system.

The AI-based system has removed all forms of data breaches. This system guards the end-users sensitive information with key change algorithms, keeping data liquid and passive, eliminating the threat of data loss. 

Nano Optic Neuro Brain

Optic Nano Technology

Loxsync Technology is the next generation of Artificial Intelligence with a non-binary optic system that will open up more lines of secure global communications which eliminate all forms of data cyberattacks!

The new AI Brain contains optic technology with its own neural network and nano particle data environment. The AI Brain and controllers are in Alpha stages. The completed AI Beta version will be ready for market within 24 months.

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Loxsync Technologies, has developed a neuromorphic AI brain that contains nano optic technology, allowing the AI to communicate with its neural network and particle data environment.

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